“Boatspeak”- Boat Terms for Beginners

Are you new to boating or never knew all the boat terms for different parts of a boat?

Here are the basics with easy to remember hints:

Aft – the back of the boat, same number of letters as the back of a donkey’s a#$(not the cleanest memory tool, but it works!). The  other name for the back of the boat is Stern (have an idea how to remember that?)

Bow – front of the boat, rhymes with “ow!”. I think of how it would hurt if the front of the boat poked you…ow!

Port – left side of the boat, it has 4 letters like the word left (this memory tool is tried and true)

Starboard – right side of the boat, more letters like the word right (a way to differentiate from the left side)

Cleat – The metal horned thing you are afraid of tripping over that you use to wrap rope around to secure your boat to the dock. I picture two cleat shoes(like those used in football and other sports) hooked on either end.

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