Boating Basics


Boating Essentials List

You made the purchase of your first boat, now what?  First, give yourself a pat on the back! Next, read this boating essential lists on all the gear you will need for a safe, pleasurable boating experience. The following are required by federal law: Registration papers must be on board Read More

Blue Yacht

“She Sure is Yar”

Whether you remember this quote from the movie Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker or the yar comments from Philadelphia Story with Katherine Hepburn, you have to admit it’s a great word. Learning nautical terms can be fun and you may get a kick out of blowing away the Read More

“Boatspeak”- Boat Terms for Beginners

Are you new to boating or never knew all the boat terms for different parts of a boat? Here are the basics with easy to remember hints: Aft – the back of the boat, same number of letters as the back of a donkey’s a#$(not the cleanest memory tool, but Read More