Boating Tips


Selling Boating Equipment

Do you have canvas, carpeting or extra life jackets lying around from your previous boat? That old marine equipment taking up space in your garage could help fund bright shiny new equipment or even a new boat! So why not put it up for sale? Selling your used items may Read More

Vacation's better with a boat!

Boat Rentals on Vacation

You are having a wonderful beach vacation and then, wham! You’ve got the boating bug and want to see this wonderful new place from a boat. What should you do? Boat rentals on vacation can be a little intimidating. It’s not the boat you’re used to, the water conditions are Read More


Boating With Toddlers and Kids

For people who love boating, it only makes sense that when kids enter the picture, you’d want to bring them along. But how do you make boating with toddlers and kids safe? What precautions do you take? Can you childproof a boat, and waterproof a kid? Mary and Ted Dougherty Read More

The Fishing Boats in Cinque Terre Italy

Spring has Sprung! What you need to get your boat ready for spring.

Spring has sprung! Time to get the boat ready! For those of us who’ve had their boat under wraps for the winter, the anticipation of boating season is killing us! Whether your boat has been sitting in your yard, shrink-wrapped at your yacht club, or in rack storage, the time Read More


Boating Fitness: Why you need it.

The other day I was wrestling with an anchor line in a nice chop with boats running by, which made me regret taking the past two weeks off from working out. I could feel my core struggle to stay in position. It was hard to keep myself upright, my legs Read More

Brig at Driving at Sunset

Women Boaters: You’re The Captain

So, you’re headed out for nice cruise with some friends and everyone seems to have their opinions on where to go. Someone wants to drop anchor and float; another wants to head to the local watering hole and the rest want to look at the homes of the rich and Read More