Women Boaters: You’re The Captain

Brig at Driving at Sunset
So, you’re headed out for nice cruise with some friends and everyone seems to have their opinions on where to go. Someone wants to drop anchor and float; another wants to head to the local watering hole and the rest want to look at the homes of the rich and famous. As much as we like to make our guests happy, we can’t be everywhere at one time. When no can seem to decide, suddenly your fun plan for the day may disappear.
It helps when inviting your friends and family to designate what you’re planning to do; sunset cruise, raft-off with other boats, wake-boarding, etc. This will set the expectation for the day so no one gets caught-off guard and the fun keeps coming. In most cases, when inviting people out, it helps to have like-minded guests on board together. Having a group of teenagers tubing all day? That’s probably not the time to invite your fishing buddy (unless of course your buddy likes to tube too!). Of course, you can blend all of the above into one day because you’re the captain you make the call!
Be familiar not only with your boat, but local hazards, laws and customs. Make sure that you have the right safety devices on board including flares, fire extinguisher and life preservers. Read about these essentials on our site and be sure to take a boater education course if you are one of our new women boaters.
Take the helm, Ladies!

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