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Boating With Toddlers and Kids

For people who love boating, it only makes sense that when kids enter the picture, you’d want to bring them along. But how do you make boating with toddlers and kids safe? What precautions do you take? Can you childproof a boat, and waterproof a kid? Mary and Ted Dougherty Read More


Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental

  Peer-to-peer boat rentals are a new entity. In the past, if you wanted to rent a boat for the day you would contact a charter company or look in your local newspaper.  The internet has changed all that. The sharing community is growing for all luxury items including boats; Read More

Beach Bags

Cute Boater Gifts!

If you are searching for a gift idea for the boater in your life, we may have found some answers! A cute beach bag is always a nice gift. These bags take a beating, so a fresh one is always a perfect accent to the great beach bod you’ve been Read More


More Unique Boating Gifts

Are your kids dying to drive the boat, but not yet old enough? SpongeBob’s Boating Bash video game can be a fun way for them to drive a boat derby style.  For $16 they can race on Bikini Bottom with all the crazy characters of the Sponge Bob Squarepants crew. Read More

boating-sidekicks is a Good Resource for Safe Boating is a safe boating kid’s site offered by the National Safe Boating Council. On the site kids can watch cartoons and videos that demonstrate safe boating and safe water practices. There are games and quizzes that make it fun. All types of watercraft safety are covered. The site is Read More


Unique Boating Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for one of your boating friends or yourself? These boating gift ideas may help:, known for its shoes, also has wine bags made of sail materials. They have that classic nautical look for a unique gift choice. Sperry’s boat shoe options are numerous, even Read More


Prevent Boating Accidents: Consider the Autotether Screamer

Are you concerned about one of your passengers falling overboard? Do you have a pet that loves to jump off your boat? Then check out the Screamer by Autotether, Inc. The Screamer is a portable wireless device designed to prevent boating accidents by alarming when the passenger or pet hits Read More