Unique Boating Gifts


Looking for the perfect gift for one of your boating friends or yourself? These boating gift ideas may help:

SperryTopsider.com, known for its shoes, also has wine bags made of sail materials. They have that classic nautical look for a unique gift choice. Sperry’s boat shoe options are numerous, even including patent leather!  If you can never find just the right colors, Timberland.com has the option of designing your own boat shoes. The design program has the option of placing your initials on the shoe collar or tongue for that personal touch.

SeaRayWearables.com has beautiful sterling silver necklaces featuring Sea Ray’s logo, if Sea Ray is your boat of choice. SeaRay members are eligible for a 15% savings and receive a limited edition Sea Ray Owners Club decal with each online order.

With a variety of nautical jewelry, Seaware.com has a wide range of prices and styles.  A unique choice is a 5 stone bracelet representing the Great Lakes (coincidentally there are also 5 oceans, so if salt life is your passion, you are set!). This bracelet comes with a hefty price tag of over $1500 depending on the stone choice. You may want to hint your significant other by leaving this page open on your computer (wink!).

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