Cute Boater Gifts!

Beach Bags

If you are searching for a gift idea for the boater in your life, we may have found some answers!

A cute beach bag is always a nice gift. These bags take a beating, so a fresh one is always a perfect accent to the great beach bod you’ve been working on (ha!). Options on Etsy are fantastic, but we love these reversal bags the most. They are much in demand, so you may have to wait for delivery. They are so cute, just show our picture and I am sure your friend will forgive you in a second for those ten pounds you lost without her. Find them on

Caron’s Beach House always has cute boater gifts for the nautical-minded. The buoy hook pillow they have this year can make a nice decorative accent for your own boat or home.

A boating magazine subscription can be a hit with the boater that loves to drool over the newest in boats, electronics and tips. Yachting magazine is only $14 on most sites. You can get Boating Magazine for $10 and Power and Motoryacht magazine is available for only $6.95. These make wonderful gifts for the boat junkie. We found some great prices on

Seaspecs has sunglasses that make a great option for boaters. These sunglasses are polarized. Polarization helps you see when there is a glare and makes everything look sharply focused. Not only do Seaspecs float, but they also have a non-removable strap. A great feature if you tend to misplace your glasses. Prescription is available.Check them out at

There are cute colors options seen on this video:



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