Fab Dock: It May Be a Solution for your Docking Problems


Do you have trouble docking? Are you dealing with anti-foul paint a bit too often? Fab Dock, one of the most innovative docking systems for boats, may be a solution to your docking problems. It is essentially a floatable that is custom fit to your boat. You drive on to it, it inflates all around your boat and then the built-in salt water pump removes all the water around your boat leaving it dry. Your boat remains at water level after the water is pumped out from within the floatable.  Your hull and outboard will then dry. In theory, you will save money because of the decreased exposure to stagnant water or salt water.  The hull, legs and propeller would need less maintenance and cleaning because of this dry docking system.

Check out their video and buyers comments on oceaninflatables.com. Because the system is custom-sized to your boat, cost varies.


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