Fall boat buying can get you a great deal!


If you’re in the market for a boat for next season, start your engines! Fall is the perfect time to find a deal on a boat. For most of the country, winter season is approaching and many boaters have put their vessel up for sale. Many of these boats are still in the water. Boat buying late in the season can work in your favor by saving you not only cash, but may also provide other advantages. For example, the owner might have already paid for winter storage. The storage costs can be negotiated into the purchase price. If it’s the end of the season; there’s a chance the owner may have used the boat all summer and theoretically, the boat may be in good running shape.

The best benefit of buying in the fall is taking a sea trial in your potential new boat. Unlike the spring, the boat is likely still in the water making a sea trial possible. Actually seeing how the boat handles on the water makes the decision a little less anxiety-provoking.

We have noticed some great prices on Bayliners. Although we do not endorse any particular boat brand, the deals on Bayliners are noteworthy this fall. Brunswick, Bayliner’s parent company, stopped making express cruisers in 2013. This has made for some great deals on new 2013 models and used ones also. Bayliner has been known as a budget-conscious boat owner’s company that makes boats with a lot of amenities for the money. We were on a friend’s Bayliner last year and were impressed by its handling and features.  You might want to take a look if you are in the market for a new boat this fall.

This 21 foot Bayliner reviewed by Boattest.com has lots of storage:

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