The Best Boats for the Great Lakes, Florida and the Pacific Northwest

Ranger Tug

There are many factors to consider when buying a boat. Many boats can be used in different regions, but you will find that certain boats make more sense or are simply more popular in different areas of the country. The more popular the boat, the more likely you will be able to resell it (yes, you will eventually want to resell your boat). So, here’s our list for the best boats for the Great Lakes, Florida and the Pacific Northwest.

Although the Great Lakes are freshwater, the conditions can be just as extreme as on the ocean including: gale-force winds, sudden weather changes and large waves. One of the most popular boats on the Great Lakes is the cabin cruiser. Many people enjoy day trips, overnights, fishing and water sports using these boats, but more importantly they have a deep-V design making them safer in rougher seas. The cabin design helps prevent water from getting onto the deck when there’s a little chop. Sea Ray brand tends to be very popular and you will likely find it easy to resell a Sea Ray cruiser to other Great Lakes boaters.

If we were to name a state “Queen of Boating”, Florida would wear the crown. Almost a million boats are registered in Florida according to Many types of boats are successfully used in Florida because of the many boating options including: the ocean, the Intercoastal Waterway and inland lakes. A center console fishing boat would be a safe bet for any of these boating areas in Florida. Depending on the size, a center console can handle rough weather, cleans up easily, is light enough for easy towing, fuel efficient and will most likely have an outboard motor, which is easier to take care of or even replace. Buying a Grady White or Boston Whaler center console would be a popular safe bet in this region.

As in any area of the United States, many different types of boats are owned by the people of the Pacific Northwest, but no where is the Sport Tug more popular. According, the sport tug originated in the Pacific Northwest. Closely related to trawlers and looking like tug boats, the more recent renditions of this boat have more horsepower than in the past. Made in Washington State, these boats have an enclosed pilot house, get great fuel efficiency and I bet many women can’t stop themselves from saying “how cute!” when they see one. We often drool when we see a Ranger Tug! We think this would be a smart purchase for those of you who can afford one.

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