Waterproof Boat Gear

Waterproof Boater Gifts

When you are on a boat suddenly everything is better if it’s waterproof. Zip lock bags get gross, fail and are forgotten. Even when sitting at the dock your devices can get wet from spilled drinks, dock neighbor’s hoses, etc.. We scoured the internet for these waterproof gear finds:

Cell phone protection: Our beloved cell phones are usually the first things we want to protect. Options have expanded from only a few years ago. The prices have also come down significantly. A waterproof bag for a cell phone can now be had for anywhere from $5 to in the mid-$20 range. A couple years ago the cheapest bag would have cost you $30. Check out eBay for some great prices.

A waterproof phone: Getting a waterproof phone is more of an option than ever. Reviewed by CNET, Verykool’s Vortex is rugged, water-resistant, dust proof and shock resistant. It’s unlocked and reasonable at $279 with an early Android operating system. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active from AT&T is waterproof and dust proof also, with the ability to take pictures underwater. Sony Xperia Go is often shown in reviews sitting in a glass of water. It’s meant for rugged adventurers and described as waterproof but has less options than other popular smart phones. Most major carriers offer a waterproof option. We recommend you read reviews from multiple sources before deciding on this more expensive stocking stuffer.

VHF Radios: A huge range of marine VHF radios are available with some less than $100. The more expensive models float. If you are really into having lots of options or are out deep sea fishing in waters with limited cell phone capability, LL Bean is offering the DeLorme Two-Way Satellite Communicator with GPS for $299. You can even check email and post to Facebook with this device.

Gift Card: A Liquipel.com gift card makes a unique stocking stuffer. Liquipel.com provides a water repellant coating that can be used for not only your existing cell phone, but also tablet, MP3 player and headphones. You send in your device and it gets sent back to you treated with their water repelling nanotechnology. Although not waterproof, your device will be protected from splashes. Last year according to Gizmodo, Liquipel charged $99 to treat a cell phone. This year the price is $60. This is not waterproofing and therefore, may not be for everyone.

Lip Balm: Often lips get forgotten when lathering on sunscreen or simply get rinsed off in the water. Aloe Gator Lip balm is a great option for the boat: it is waterproof, lasts 8 hours and PABA free. According to the manufacturer, this lip balm contains four different sunscreens and is low in preservatives. A convenient carabiner to clip to your clothes or life jacket is invaluable.  You can find it at landfallnavigation.com.

Binoculars: Waterproof binoculars for as low as $50-70 can be found on most online marine supply and outdoor adventure stores. A floating strap is a nice little gift at less than $35 at westmarine.com. Barska makes multiple floating waterproof models that are now on sale for as low as $50 at overstock.com.

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