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Unique Boating Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for one of your boating friends or yourself? These boating gift ideas may help:, known for its shoes, also has wine bags made of sail materials. They have that classic nautical look for a unique gift choice. Sperry’s boat shoe options are numerous, even Read More


Prevent Boating Accidents: Consider the Autotether Screamer

Are you concerned about one of your passengers falling overboard? Do you have a pet that loves to jump off your boat? Then check out the Screamer by Autotether, Inc. The Screamer is a portable wireless device designed to prevent boating accidents by alarming when the passenger or pet hits Read More

Florida Boat

Boating Apps You Didn’t Know You Wanted

These boating apps can be fun, practical and possibly prevent sticky situations: iTranslate Voice– Travelling abroad? Is your Spanish rusty? iTranslate Voice by Sonico GmbH is easy to use, highly rated and speaks 31 languages. Yes, it speaks. Simply talk into your phone and click. The translated phrase will be Read More

Off shore fishing boats

Helpful Boating Apps

These boating apps will keep you organized, get you discounts, and keep you from getting lost or floating away: Boating Suite – Boating Suite by Boating Café, Inc. has six modules to keep you organized. The modules include: Log book to keep detailed records of trips, Fuel and Maintenance Logs, Read More


Portable Urinals for Women ( for your “head”-less boat)

It’s weird calling urinals stuff we love, but these portable urinals for women are sometimes desperately necessary! We all know what it is like to be out on a boat without a toilet (a head for us boaters!). The choices are usually to hold it in, hang butt naked over Read More